The countdown begins

In case you aren’t familiar with the 50 states tour, here is a breakdown of what it’s all about:


Will be traveling state to state (50 states in all)…to one metropolitan city in each state…cutting 50 heads of hair in each city…and doing it in 50 DAYS!!!

Augusta, Main 8/1

Burlington,Vermont 8/2, Concord, New Hampshire 8/3.Boston, Massachusetts 8/4.Providence, Rhode Island 8/5.Heartford, Connecticut 8/6.NYC, NY 8/7…Trento, NJ 8/8.Georgtown, Delaware 8/9…Baltimore, MD 8/10..Philadelphia, PA 8/11..Richmond, VA 8/12..Fayetteville, NC 8/13..Florence, SC 8/14…Atlanta, Georgia 8/15..Talahassae, FL 8/16…Mobile, AL 8/17…Jackson, MS 8/18..New Orleans, LA 8/19..LittleRock, AK 8/20.Nashville, TN 8/21.StL, MO 8/22..Lexington, KY 8/23..Charleston, WV 8/24…Columbus, OH 8/25…Ann Arbor, MI 8/26..Indianapolis, IN 8/27…Chicago, IL 8/28..Madison, WS 8/29..St.Paul, MN 8/30…Des Moines, Iowa 8/31.Omaha, NE 9/1.Sioux Falls, SD 9/2…Bismarck, ND 9/3..Billings, Montana 9/4.Casper,Wyoming 9/5.Denver, CO 9/6.Honolulu, Hawaii 9/7.Anchorage, AK 9/8. Seattle, WA 9/9.Portland, OR 9/10…Boise, ID 9/11..Salt Lake City, UT 9/12… Las Vegas, NV 9/13.Venice Beach, CA 9/14.Pheonix, AR 9/15.Albuquerque, NM 9/16.Amerrillo,TX 9/17..OKC, OK 9/18.Wichita, Kansas 9/19

Thats a total of 2500 hair cuts!!!!

All cuts will be free for donations to the Humane Society of the city we are visiting.

Will be traveling by bus (except for our plane trip to Hawaii, Alaska and Washington) with a group of several people. Video, photagraphers, assistance and many more.

Bringing awareness across the country for the many animals the Humane Societies save on a daily basis!!!

Of course thanks to Fudge Hair Products, Lomantini the Salon, Linda Meyer of Office Technology Center, Greyhound Bus Lines, and my friends with airplanes for getting me to the tough spots quickly.

It’s a rare and exciting opportunity to see the country side, talk to a lot of different people, continue mastering my craft and set a new record!!!

Hope to see all of you very soon in your city!!!



Welcome to the blog for Lomantini the Salon. Next up, follow Patrick’s journey across the US as he does 50 haircuts in 50 states in 50 days, all for a wonderful cause; to help out man’s best friend!