Welcome to the blog for Lomantini the Salon. Next up, follow Patrick’s journey across the US as he does 50 haircuts in 50 states in 50 days, all for a wonderful cause; to help out man’s best friend!


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  1. Lomantini the Salon is a full service salon.
    We specialize in cut, color and updo styles performed by me, Patrick Lomantini, master stylist, world record holder and creator of BarkAID and the upcoming 50 States Tour
    We carry Fudge Hair Products, a high end hair line complete with color, shampoos and styling aids
    And we offer spray tan services and coming soon, nail and make-up services and a photography studio.


    Will be traveling state to state (50 states in all)…to one metropolitan city in each state…cutting 50 heads of hair in each city…and doing it in 50 DAYS!!!

    Augusta, Main 8/1.Burlington,Vermont 8/2.Concord, New Hampshire 8/3.Boston, Massachusetts 8/4.Providence, Rhode Island 8/5.Heartford, Connecticut 8/6.NYC, NY 8/7…Trento, NJ 8/8.Georgtown, Delaware 8/9…Baltimore, MD 8/10..Philadelphia, PA 8/11..Richmond, VA 8/12..Fayetteville, NC 8/13..Florence, SC 8/14…Atlanta, Georgia 8/15..Talahassae, FL 8/16…Mobile, AL 8/17…Jackson, MS 8/18..New Orleans, LA 8/19..LittleRock, AK 8/20.Nashville, TN 8/21.StL, MO 8/22..Lexington, KY 8/23..Charleston, WV 8/24…Columbus, OH 8/25…Ann Arbor, MI 8/26..Indianapolis, IN 8/27…Chicago, IL 8/28..Madison, WS 8/29..St.Paul, MN 8/30…Des Moines, Iowa 8/31.Omaha, NE 9/1.Sioux Falls, SD 9/2…Bismarck, ND 9/3..Billings, Montana 9/4.Casper,Wyoming 9/5.Denver, CO 9/6.Honolulu, Hawaii 9/7.Anchorage, AK 9/8. Seattle, WA 9/9.Portland, OR 9/10…Boise, ID 9/11..Salt Lake City, UT 9/12… Las Vegas, NV 9/13.Venice Beach, CA 9/14.Pheonix, AR 9/15.Albuquerque, NM 9/16.Amerrillo,TX 9/17..OKC, OK 9/18.Wichita, Kansas 9/19

    Thats a total of 2500 hair cuts!!!!

    All cuts will be free for donations to the Humane Society of the city we are visiting.

    Will be traveling by bus (except for our plane trip to Hawaii, Alaska and Washington) with a group of several people. Video, photagraphers, assistance and many more.

    Bringing awareness across the country for the many animals the Humane Societies save on a daily basis!!!

    Of course thanks to Fudge Hair Products, Lomantini the Salon, Linda Meyer of Office Technology Center, Greyhound Bus Lines, and my friends with airplanes for getting me to the tough spots quickly.

    It’s a rare and exciting opportunity to see the country side, talk to a lot of different people, continue mastering my craft and set a new record!!!

    Hope to see all of you very soon in your city!!!

    Patrick Lomantini

  3. Finally here in Augusta, Maine. Took two days and a few challenges. Two things I did realize about the drive through the northeast is they love toll booths and McDonald’s!!! They are at every section and exit!!! Crazzzzzzzy….but they are some very nice people other than the random person in NewYORK took my wallet. He’s probably at McDonald’s. šŸ˜‰

  4. Currently in Bristol, Rhode Island. Very pretty place. The island state. Ocean right at your fingertips.
    Will start cutting at 7am eastern time. We have 67 appointments set. Going to be an amazing day!!

  5. Bristol, Rhode Island was an amazing trip. Wonderful hospitality !!! I cut hair for 13 1/2 hours and did 57 cuts. We raised at least 1500 dollars but unofficially counted. They were so generous to me and gave me a very touching parting gift and dinner to celebrate. i will definitely be back in Bristol!!!

  6. Arrived in Hartford, CT today to do it for day 6 and am disappointed that they only had 20 appointments for me. This Tour only works if the shelters and/or Humane Societies tell the world about whats happening!!! It’s not the salons responsibility and I don’t know the market. I am coming there to perform an act of kindness representing what YOU the shelter/humane society does on a daily basis.!!! I perform a FREE hair cut for donations to YOUR shelter/humane society!!!! Get off your butt and advertise!!!!!

    • Don’t get down remember what you accomplished in Boston………………………..every dollar helps an animal somewhere………………………….YOU’RE DOING GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Goodmorning Day 13 of this unreal 50 States Tour. Tired from the 60 cut craziness in Richmond,VA. YOU GUYS ROCK. LV U!!
    Ready for Fayettville. NC
    Day 13…Let’s do this !! Come see me at Head To Toe Salon in Fayettville, NC ….God Bless

  8. Amazing down here in the Carolinas. Wrapping up a disappointing visit to North Carolina but I know my girls in South Carolina will be picking up the slack. 13 states in 13 days…50 States Tour rolls on!

  9. In Tallahassee, FL. Ready for dinner and some sleep. Big day tomorrow at Synergy Salon and the Leon County Humane Society. 50 plus cuts !!! Let’s here it for the 50 STATES TOUR….so many wonderful people coming together for a single cause. Love you all. Your feedback keeps me going!! šŸ˜‰

  10. Goodmorning Mobile, AL Day 17!!!!!! Let’s cut some hair and raise some money for your critters at Mobile SPCA !!!
    Current totals through 16 states 648 hair cuts and $13,331.00 raised/donated to the humane societies/shelters !!

  11. Have arrived in Little Rock, AR…my assistant is here..check. over 50 appointments await me..check. doing hair live on ABC 7 first thing in the morning..check. Day 20/State 20 of the The 50 States Tour is going to be a good one. šŸ™‚ Stay tuned friends.

  12. Dedicating the remaining 23 days of the 50 States Tour to Tayler. Tayler was rescued from a certain unknown future at the humane society 15 years ago. Tayler, an australian cattle dog, became an amazing companion for my very dear friend Tad Godsey all those years. Tayler recently passed and with that left a lasting impression of just how much our four legged furry friends mean to us. We miss you and love you Tayler and we will be thinking of you at every state throughout the 50 States Tour.

  13. Totals through 28 days of the amazing up and down The 50 States Tour . 1009 haircuts and $23, 312.00 raised/donated. 22 states to go and feeling bigger and better with more exciting challenges coming my way.

  14. Currently in Madison, WI ready for a big day here. Then off to the Twin Cities for another big day THEN off to Des Moines, IA..big day there too!! Tough stretch. Lots of cuts and money for the critters. Go 50 States Tour!!

  15. Getting ready for BarkAID 2012 coming this April 14th , then gearing up for BarkApalooza July 14th then the 2d Annual 50 States Tour!!!!! Very excited about 2012!!!!!

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